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Hi, I am Era and many of you know me by my trademark name Caracoda®.
I have been working with leather for 5 years now and consider myself still "on the road" in search for perfection. Practice makes perfect and I am open to all kind of experiments going through lots of trials and errors and improving my skills on the way. While trying old and new things I thought my humble experience could be of some use for those who are starting their journey with leather and have many unanswered questions burning their minds. I am by no means a leathercraft guru but there is a chance that I have a little bit more comprehensive knowledge on some subjects then a fellow beginner leatherworker. And if that is true for some people I am very happy to share my experience and knowledge and help you on the way to master this beautiful and fascinating craft. As much as I can.
This place is where you can find leathercraft tutorials, cutting and tooling patterns, all kind of ornamental designs. There is also a blog with free tutorials and you can leave your comments and questions there. There is a separate section for "free stuff" where you can download tooling designs for your personal use. You can share those with anyone who you think can benefit from them but please do not sell them in any form or shape, do not make stamps with those designs and then sell them, they are not for profit but rather for practice. You can use them to make leather goods and sell those but do not sell the designs on they own. I will appreciate your support in this matter please.
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If you have any comments or questions about this website or anything on this subject please send me an email:  yourleathercraft@gmail.com
Thank you very much for visiting! Enjoy here and maybe even get inspired!
Kind regards,
Era Shevtsova

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